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Live Streaming Solutions

Live Streaming Solutions

Why Live Streaming?

The year of 2016 is supposedly the year where live streaming is going to take over the world. YouTube demonstrated this by garnering 8 million views in 12 hours on its E3 stream. With the momentum to dominate, live streaming is quickly being taken up by companies that want to get an edge on the competition.

Extended Video marketing

Video marketing has now become interactive thanks to live streaming. And that’s something you should be taking advantage of for more marketing power.

Cost effective

It’s no more expensive than conventional video marketing. All you need is a solid, stable Internet connection and a good camera that can shoot in HD quality.

Behind the scense

Transparency is a big issue among customers. With Live Streaming customers can now look behind the scenes as part of special presentations for free.

Realtime interactions

You can enable comments in real-time, so anyone can instantly see what others are saying. Questions can be asked and then answered immediately.

Online community

People can connect as a online community using interactive feature. They are more likely to promote your brand because being part of a community is fun.


More marketing value for by offering watch-it-or-you’ll-miss-it content such as trailers, behind-the-scenes video and exclusive interviews to its LS audience.

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