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Tất cả các loại chặn cửa đều bảo vệ cửa hoặc căn hộ của bạn. Tuy nhiên, mỗi loại chặn cửa có tác dụng riêng. Và đây là các sản phẩm Developing, có chất lượng đảm bảo và giá thành hợp lý nhất.Being a 5-star WordPress developer I always solve ANY PROBLEM you have with SMARTEST solution, optimized, nice code, bug free.

Please provide with your requirements and discuss with me about the fixed price. If not, then please buy a few block of $25 and we can adjust it accordingly.


Step 1. Identification

You will need to identify your business: name, address, phone, etc into the order form. I will verify this by myself.

Step 2. Payment

Method 1: Deposit.

Fixed price based on estimation. 9/10 of my clients are doing deposits because they want faster delivery.

This way I can always give you the code right onto your own server => faster deployment => more profit for you.

Method 2: Invoice

7 days late payment for hourly rate:

  • $50/h for first 10h/week,
  • $40/h for next 10h/week,
  • $30/h for next 10h/week,
  • $25/h for next 10h/week.

This special hourly rate only avaible after you:

a) Identify yourself with ID card.
b) Have paid a few fixed tasks up to $1000.

Step 3: Working

After the above are done, I will let you join my swift delivering  system.

  • I will report the work every 15 minutes and you know what I’m doing exactly at any given time.
  • Solve ANY PROBLEM you have with SMARTEST solution, optimized, nice code, bug free.
  • Code will be pushed right on to development server so that you can test immediately.

NOTE: I only push code onto your server when payment is paid 100%.

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