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  • Make it responsive
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  • SEO title, meta, headings
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Do you still think that a beautiful website is good enough? Do you ever remember when was the last time you make a sale out of your website?

If each day you make a sale out of 10 readers, then congratulation, you website is so successful and you are a master of online sale. Share with me your stories and I will show case on my website.

Otherwise, if each day you make 1 sale out of 1000 readers, then you are wasting money on advertisement and SEO.

The reality that in any “make money online” course would teach, is that “a site that make sales, doesn’t have to be too beautiful“. A good reference here.

To make sale, a website must have a good layout structure. A layout that trap the readers into reading more and more. At the end they should end up liking your brand, and buy your products.

Just like a sales person. She may look beautiful but if she doesn’t know anything about the products she sell, then the chance is ver low. But if she is looking average, but talks so convincing, then the sale is success.

A website is exactly like that. Doesn’t need to be too beautiful, but must be convincing and lead the readers to solve their need: what to buy to solve my current problems?

Please if you are here, don’t take “not too beautiful” as equal to “very ugly”. No, a website that’s too ugly won’t make any sales because people would runaway before reading it. That’s why it’s utmost important, a sale site must meet 2 factors.

  • ONE: Look good and trustful
  • TWO: Attract readers to buy

Here I am, Binh Nguyen, IT bachelor, Business Department, Australia, will bring to you the better. Myself alone with 10 years experience in hand, I can do the job of 5 people.

I know everything from marketing, sale, content, buying processes. I will help you to have a sale site that have the 2 factors mentioned about: look trustworthy, and attract sales.

Looking NO more, with the very low cost of $999 to rebuild the site layout, you won’t find such level of expertise elsewhere on the market. Save that looking time for your lifestyle, kids, leisures because you can now delegate the site to me get immediate result.

Act NOW and click the Add to Cart button.

3 reviews for Optimize theme for sale

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